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Agile Retrospectives – Using Double Loop Learning

Agile (or Sprint) retrospective is a useful mechanism for the scrum teams to implement continuous improvement in their processes. The scrum master may facilitate the retrospective meeting to help the team identify processes that worked well and those that did not work so well. The team goes on to find ways to improve the processes and try them out in the next sprint. Retrospectives are very important for Agile teams to be successful because it brings in a continuous ‘inspect and adapt’ approach to the processes applied for making the product. The Process of retrospective While there are many techniques to conduct the retrospective meeting, the general process followed is to take the individual’s feedback, collate them and identify top priority items to be implemented in the next sprint. It is fundamentally a process to collect feedback and make corrections to the system. According to the General Systems Theory, a system has inputs, outputs, transformation processes that